A modest educational glass establishment Luxury 3-room hotel in North Amsterdam New accommodation for young people in Enschede Top clinical hospital: the patient as guest HBO education in one location at railway line Completion City campus Small-scale living Industrial heritage as a connecting element ROC on a campus outside of the city Eye-catcher for north side of Gouda Central Station Revival of former technical school The Hague's working method applied to an educational complex Textile Education 2.0 Clinical buildings at the Uithof A transparent lab in the middle of the greenery Relocation after 116 years due to lack of space A cheerful and stimulating learning environment Hockey Championship results in makeover outdated sports facility Superblock in Eindhoven district Woensel The revitalisation of a transfer terminal Flexible educational building with load-bearing facades A school that blends into the district A multifunctional accommodation in the middle of the district Mentally disabled children in the middle of the neighbourhood Apartments, shops and parking garage in Kralingen Vision on integration of solar energy along A37 Grolsch brewery transformed into a luxury apartment complex The largest emergency department in the Netherlands Makeover town hall Groningen Strategies for embankment transition over the next 100 years Rest and rehabilitation surrounded by nature Largest Emergency Care Department in North of the Netherlands Residential development on former military airport Twente Feeling for the region City landmark for 100 years Independent living while staying in your own neighbourhood A clinic for the treatment of addiction issues Football stadium expanded in stages Living as ordinarily as possible with a visual impairment The greenest ice rink in the Netherlands Town hall uses residual heat from dairy factory The City Triangle energy-neutral in 2030 A residential care complex in the middle of village dynamics Housing for young people with high nursing requirements Living independently with the certainty of well-being and care All essential care in a monumental hospital Temporary hotel pavilion at GrensWerk Festival of the Arts Former spinning mill becomes flexible business centre Living in the former Boekelo steam bleachery Corten steel landmark along the A1 at Hengelo Cradle to cradle® building along the B1 in Dortmund Cradle to cradle® office in the heart of Berlin Green residential island in Mönchengladbach's city centre Main location Saxion University: A city in the city Affordable new development in De Laren Collective Private Commission in the centre of Amsterdam GHOTEL hotel & living Essen Burn-out clinic on historic estate 423 student residences at the University of Potsdam Office building at Holzhalbinsel Rostock Living on Holzhalbinsel Rostock Kulturhus as new heart of the village Assisted living with the greatest possible freedom The most sustainable mosque in the Netherlands Tradition connected with modernity Living and care along The Hague tram line 11 Four conference places for AlienTrick Supply-driven area development fails: alternative required Coherently improving spatial quality Transformation of factory complex into residential area An old monastery in a new context Industrial heritage combined with stylish new construction Revitalisation of post-war reconstruction area Square Vision Enschede district needs renovation Area development on former airbase A third life for a monumental villa Makeover offices waste processor Twente Transformation of dairy factory into special residential area Replacement housing LVB / MVG Living like at home Südspidol: more building, less technology New identity + location-independent work approach Compact design with efficient patient care Ensemble with theatre and cultural and congress centre Innovative housing project for Mönchengladbach, Germany Multifunctional care building in Dorsten, Germany Coming together and meeting up Living and care in a multi-generational neighbourhood Living for elderly people with memory problems Heritage for the future Competition Transformation Grote Markt / De Plas The Urban Garden: Naturally Industrial 'Flatiron building' in Hengelo Synergetic Relationships Proud of your vocational training! Superior acoustics American barns as reference Competition
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