The Milk Hall: impression of the renovation

  1. rezoning
  2. transformation
  3. office
  4. architecture

The contractors are working hard at the Milk Hall in Enschede: you can see with your own eyes that the hall and surrounding areas are being tackled on a large scale. Therefore, a short photo impression of the progress, with a focus on the construction of the new IAA Architecten office. Read more

Competition for Mozaïek Vriezenveen homes won

  1. residential construction
  2. innovation
  3. architecture

Twenterand Municipality has held a competition for sixteen life cycle adaptable homes within their Mozaïek plan: an inner-city redevelopment project located behind the Vriezenveen town hall. IAA Architecten, in collaboration with Novito and Twickelborg Vastgoed, has developed the winning plan, 'Old style revamped'. Read more

First ZE homes completed in Wierden

  1. residential construction
  2. detailing
  3. technical sustainability

At the Acacialaan in Wierden, housing association Reggewoon's first zero-energy homes (ZE homes) of the 28 and 44 homes to be renovated have been delivered. In November 2019, IAA Architecten was commissioned to carry out architectural work for the major maintenance of 109 homes. It involves 37 low-rise houses in Daarle, Daarlerveen, Hellendoorn and Hulsen. Read more

Twente Real Estate Award 2021 nominates The Milk Hall

  1. transformation
  2. urban planning and landscape
  3. architecture

On 14 October, Twente Real Estate Report's symposium with the theme of 'inner-city area development' and the annual presentation of the _ Real Estate Award 2021_ took place. Three projects were selected on the basis of their distinctiveness in terms of sustainability, circularity, architecture and the application of innovative building techniques. 'Indië Almelo' by Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed, 'Operahof Enschede' by Nijhuis Bouw and 'the Milk Hall Enschede' by VincentSpikker. The winner was Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed. Below a video with an explanation of the Milky Hall by project developer VincentSpikker. Read more

Tender for Cartierheide watchtower won

  1. technical sustainability
  2. social engagement
  3. integral design

The municipality of Eersel has issued a tender to realise a watchtower for tourists and residents at the Cartierheide via a Design & Build agreement. The tower should be high enough to rise above the trees and provide a view of the surroundings. It should also be in keeping with the landscape, as well as low-maintenance. IAA Architecten, together with AIP Partners, created the winning design for a tower made of Corten steel. Read more

Construction work on 'Lekker aan de IJssel' finally started.

  1. empathy
  2. architecture

In October 2017, the team of Lisa Pit, Hans Wiedenhoff and IAA Architecten won the competition for a new hospitality pavilion at the IJsselkade in Zutphen. Four years later, on the site of former small eatery 'De Kade', restaurant Lekker aan de IJssel (relaxing at the IJssel) can actually be built! Delay in the execution arose because of Corona and the required permits. In the meantime, the blue 'gypsy wagon' was placed on the quay for snacks, soft drinks, coffee or an ice cream. Read more