Construction Schlossklinik Heiligenhoven commenced

  1. healing environment
  2. technical sustainability
  3. care centre

On the estate of Schloss Heiligenhoven in Lindlar, Germany, the construction work is in full swing. On the photo, we can see clearly how the construction pit for the new pavilion is being dug. In the meantime, the manor and the outer fort are being thoroughly renovated. The end result will be a contemporary clinic connecting old and new in a distinguished landscape park. Read more

Construction started on new cardiac catheterisation and angioplasty centre in Emmen

  1. Hospital
  2. meticulous and reliable

On Monday 23 September, the Treant Care Group started the construction of a new regional centre for cardiac catheterisation and angioplasty treatment. The building will be located next to the emergency care facility at the Scheper hospital location in Emmen and is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2020. The new centre has three cardiac catheterisation chambers and preparation room for eight patients. In addition to cardiac catheterisation and angioplasty treatments, pacemakers and internal defibrillators (ICDs) will also be placed in the centre. The constructors are: Buursema Bouwbedrijf, Harwig Installatietechniek and De Groot Installatiegroep. Read more

Fundraiser 2019 'Chance for a child'.

  1. social engagement

Last night, the annual Fundraising Evening Chance for a Child was held in Landhuishotel & Restaurant De Bloemenbeek in De Lutte. The highlight of the evening was the auction led by Bert Eeftink, the net proceeds of which will go entirely to the fulfillment of wishes of children from Twente who have a hard time due to illness or another cause. As a lot, IAA Architecten submitted a complete interior advice that was auctioned off for € 4200. Read more

First new construction project Elver officially launched

  1. engineering
  2. quality of life
  3. integral design

The shovel is definitively in the ground, the first concrete poured. Today Elver director Irma Harmelink, together with resident Ilona, gave the official go-ahead for the construction of a new house in Nieuw-Wehl. Despite the fact that the contractor had already started the preparatory work at the end of August, Elver thinks it is important to consider this particular moment. "We are very pleased that we now really started work on the new construction and renovation project. The future-proof construction will ensure that every resident will have his or her own studio / apartment, with enough individual space and private sanitary facilities. In addition, the house still offers the opportunity to meet in a cozy communal living room", says Irma Harmelink. Read more

First stone new construction Altingerhof in Beilen

  1. human environment
  2. integral design
  3. care centre

Tomorrow, the 12th of September, will see the festive laying of the foundation stone for the first phase of the new construction of Altingerhof, where people with dementia and a specific physical need for care live. Care organisation Icare is having four residential buildings with a total of 80 studios built on the site at the Molenstraat in Beilen. The first phase consists of two residential blocks with a total of 40 residential units. Each residential building consists of two linked parts, with 10 studios per part, the residents of which each have their own sitting-bedroom, plus a shared living room. Read more