Highest point 'Dental Care Centre' at Elver

This past 16 May saw the celebration of the highest point of the new Dental Care Centre building. Ton van Groeningen, director Dental Care Centre and Hans Oldewarris, treatment centre manager Elver, opened the afternoon with a welcome address. They stressed the importance of the new centre with the latest facilities for oral care for clients of Elver and beyond. The realisation of the new centre confirms the years of good cooperation between Elver and the Dental Care Centre. Invited guests were then able to take a preliminary look at the construction. Read more

MFA De Botter in 'Schooldomein'

  1. empathy
  2. architecture

In the 'Architecture and Imagination' section of the magazine Schooldomein, the May 2023 edition features an article on MFA De Botter in Lelystad designed by IAA Architecten together with Aveco de Bondt. Theme of the article is "Connecting Naturally". Read more

Feasibility study repurposing former department store

  1. rezoning
  2. listed building
  3. the strength of visualisation

In a feasibility study, IAA Architecten is investigating the possibilities of transforming the vacant national monumental V&D department store building on the corner of Brammelerstraat and Korte Hengelosestraat in Enschede into a cultural hotspot. 'Het Warenhuis' ('The Department Store') has the potential to become a vibrant space with a versatile offer of film, youth theatre, music and theatre performances, visual arts as well as alluring gastronomy establishments. At the same time, it will be the beating heart of art and cultural education, a place of creation, cross-pollination and cross-connections. Partners in the study are Concordia, Theater Sonnevanck, the Popacademie of the ROC of Twente and the municipality of Enschede. Read more

Implementation climate square Saxion gets underway

  1. urban planning
  2. landscape architecture
  3. integral design

The stone forecourt at the Saxion Ko Wierenga complex in Enschede is to be transformed into a 'climate square'. Based on initial designs made by student teams and an extensive programme of requirements, IAA Architecten has redesigned the current square. Construction work will start in late April/early May and will continue until the end of the summer holidays. Read more

Opening drinks IAA Architecten on 31 March 2023

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  2. office
  3. interior architecture

Last Friday marked almost a year since IAA Architecten moved into The Melkhal in Enschede. The building has been refurbished and is now fully operational. Reason for us to hold an opening reception and show our clients and all other guests our new office and how we work there. In his speech, Henk Gersen rightly paid tribute to Erik Workel, who had saved The Melkhal from demolition and managed to give it a new lease of life unparalleled in the eastern Netherlands. Read more

Interior Eelerwoude in WUR building 'Plus Ultra II'

  1. office
  2. interior architecture

On the university campus in Wageningen, Eelerwoude leases office space in 'Plus Ultra II'. The building has 10,500m² of floor space with space for laboratories, cleanrooms, pilot plants, multifunctional research areas, meeting rooms, presentation rooms and offices. Our interior design for Eelerwoude focuses on the theme of 'meeting'. We used the existing infrastructure of Plus Ultra II and chose materials that fit in with the existing shell. Read more