BNA Local Network Oosting meeting in Deventer

  1. communicating
  2. connecting

The meeting yesterday evening in Fooddock Havenkwartier Deventer, organized by BNA Local Network Oosting was very successful. With lectures by Pi de Bruijn, Henk Bultstra and Wieteke Nijkrake, a tour through Het Havenkwartier (the harbour district), snacks and drinks from Fooddock and a concluding discussion on the subject of Randland. Read more

IAA Architecten turned 50!

  1. Enschede

Last Saturday, we celebrated IAA Architecten's 50th anniversary in the festively decorated Great Church at the Old Market square in Enschede. After speeches by Harry Abels and Henk Gersen, all guests crossed the street to St. James' Church, where Fuse and trombonist Jörgen van Rijen played. Back in the Great Church, the celebration continued together with the Jazzpodium De Tor jazz ensemble. Read more

Original tiles in Saxion Villa Serphos

  1. renovation
  2. municipal monument

During the 2014 renovation of Villa Serphos in Enschede, one of the rooms here turned out to almost completely have the original wall finish from 1910. It concerned the former bathroom of the villa, which later served first as a laboratory for the Natural History Museum and then as a disabled toilet. It was very special that the original tiles had been preserved, as bathrooms are often rebuilt over time. Read more

First apartments for rent in New South Hilversum

  1. engineering
  2. apartment block

Over the coming years, Dudok Wonen will develop a new residential area with 200 modern apartments in five residential buildings for both social rent and the private sector on the site of the current care centre Amaris Zuiderheide. In the Saphira building, 28 private sector apartments, affordable two- and three-room apartments with a surface area of 65 to 80 m², will soon be available for rent. IAA Architecten carried out the engineering as commissioned by Construction Company Hegeman. Read more

Fundraiser 2018 'Chance for a child'

  1. social engagement

On 17 October, the annual Fundraiser Chance for a Child was held in Landhuishotel & Restaurant De Bloemenbeek in De Lutte. The highlight of the evening was the auction led by Jan Smit (chairman of the KNVB Supervisory Board) and NOS TV presenter Tom Egbers. This year's auction yielded exactly € 100,000 and the net proceeds will be used entirely to fulfil the wishes of children from Twente who are having a hard time due to illness or other causes. As a lot, IAA Architects provided a complete interior advice that was auctioned for € 2600. Read more

Facelift for De Klokkenbelt in Almelo commenced

  1. renovation
  2. care centre

Former Housing association Sint Joseph nursing home De Klokkenbelt is being converted into an integral health centre. Built in 1952 as a Home for the elderly and already rebuilt in the nineteen seventies, the complex will again meet all modern requirements after a large-scale renovation. Care provider InteraktContour will use 66 apartments for people with noncongenital brain damage, whereas 18 apartments are intended for St. Joseph tenants. Furthermore, there will be several general areas (for day care and treatment) and on the ground floor, a primary health care centre will be established. IAA Architecten created the design for the facelift of the exterior facade, the entrance and the interior of the apartments. Read more