City house out of scaffolding in Enschede

  1. the strength of visualisation
  2. architecture
  3. house

The house at the southern corner of Raiffeisenstraat and De Coöperatie completes a row of city houses. These houses were subject to strict image quality requirements to collectively form a reference to the long, yellow, brick facade of the dairy factory that used to be positioned here. Due to its exceptional position, the corner house deviates somewhat from this by the raised floor level, the plastic side facade and the introduction of white stucco alongside the prescribed yellow brickwork. Precisely because of the plasticity and the white accents, the house forms a link between the city houses along Raiffeisenstraat and the free design of the houses at De Coöperatie. Actual completion is scheduled for March 2023. Read more

Completion of care apartments Reinaerde in Utrecht

  1. care centre
  2. apartment block

On 21 December 2022, contractor Veluwezoom Verkerk completed the apartment complex at the Boudewijn Büchstraat in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn. The client is housing corporation Portaal, which leases the building to care organisation Reinaerde. The building has 30 studios spread over three floors for people with mild to moderate mental disabilities aged between about 25 to 65. There may also be additional problems such as autism. The studios have their own bathroom, kitchenette and living/bedroom. Each floor has a communal living area for meeting and activities, with a communal garden surrounding the building. Read more

Magazine article 'Renewal of St Jansdal hospital'

  1. Hospital
  2. integral design
  3. architecture

The December issue of the Bouwen aan de Zorg magazine features an extensive article on how the St Jansdal hospital in Harderwijk is being flexibly remodelled and renewed with a master plan. On pages 50 to 52, the article discusses, among other things, the special collaboration of three women within the design team. Architect Michelle Booltink of IAA Architecten, structural engineer Lonneke van Haalen of ABT and Construction and Housing Manager Anita van der Haar of St Jansdal are working together on a future-proof hospital. Read more

Redevelopment Raalte town centre started

  1. involve stakeholders
  2. integral design
  3. urban planning and landscape

Since 31 October, infra-contractor Klink-Nijland has been working to revamp the centre of Raalte according to the layout plan by IAA Architecten. The contractor has started underground work at the Grote Markt to then construct a new infiltration system to collect rainwater in so-called crates. Once completed, temporary emergency paving will be laid; shops and homes in the city centre will remain accessible as usual. Read more

Four generations open renovated Altingerhof

  1. human environment
  2. integral design
  3. care centre

Friday 28 October saw the festive, official opening of the renovated Altingerhof residential care location in Beilen. After speeches by Henk Gersen (IAA Architecten), Frans Horstink (manager residential care Icare) and Dennis van Achthoven (general director Icare), Frans Horstink was presented with a cheque by Henk Gersen on behalf of all builders. Afterwards, Dennis Bouwman (alderman of the municipality of Midden-Drenthe) planted a commemorative tree, together with four generations: a resident of Altingerhof, together with her son, granddaughter and great-grandchild. Read more

Wanted: vision for outlying area of Eastern Netherlands

  1. vision
  2. designing research
  3. urban planning and landscape

The BNA Local Network 'Oosting' is organising sessions on 24 November 2022 and 26 January 2023 to explore the spatial challenges in the outlying area of the Eastern Netherlands using debate and design power. We are going to do this together with Francesco Veenstra (Chief Government Architect), Shera van den Wittenboer (advisor Landscape and Heritage CRa), Peter Boelhouwer (professor of 'Housing Systems' TU Delft), Jeroen de Willigen (creative director De Zwarte Hond) and Michael van Buuren (designing researcher and Landscape Architect WUR). Read more