Highest point new hospital in Hardenberg

  1. Hospital
  2. healing environment
  3. architecture

Yesterday the Saxenburgh Groep celebrated an important moment in the construction of the successor to the Röpke-Zweers hospital: the highest point was reached. With great interest and big fireworks, it was announced that the new hospital would be called the Saxenburgh Medical Centre. Read more

IAA Architects Amsterdam has moved

On January 1st, 2019, the Amsterdam office moved to Sem Presserhof 108 in Amsterdam. The telephone number and email address remain unchanged. Read more

Elver will replace outdated housing on a large scale

  1. quality of life
  2. landscape architecture
  3. integral design

In the coming years, Care organisation Elver will invest millions in the replacement of hundreds of homes for mentally disabled residents at locations in the Achterhoek, Liemers and Arnhem. The current housing stock is outdated and will be gradually replaced by future-proof homes that offer residents more privacy, more space and better facilities. At the same time, the (financial) feasibility of this ambition, which lies at the interface of efficient, general care concepts and individual wishes and needs of residents, must be guaranteed. For this reason, IAA Architects has been asked to be an integral partner for both the design as well as the process. Read more

IAA Engineering commences!

  1. BIM
  2. engineering
  3. meticulous and reliable

IAA Architecten is proud to announce a new division: IAA Engineering. Our knowledge, skills and experience will now also be available to develop projects, of which IAA Architecten is not the designer, in a high quality way. IAA Engineering can take care of the entire project from the start phase to delivery and aftercare. Handling a separate project phase is also part of our service. Naturally, the aesthetic principles of a design are never overlooked. This is our added value, as IAA Engineering is closely linked to an architectural firm. Read more

Architecture exhibition 'De Bazel's Dome'

  1. listed building
  2. architecture

One hundred years ago, architect Karel de Bazel designed a new synagogue in the centre of Enschede, on a rather small plot behind the existing synagogue. At the time, the building had become too small for the growing Jewish community and the design also had to reflect the increased self-awareness of the Jewish Enschedeans. An exhibition in the synagogue at Prinsestraat 14 provides an overview of the design process and other work by De Bazel in Enschede. Read more

Festive start of central building construction 's Heeren Loo in Noordwijk

  1. empathy
  2. urban planning and landscape
  3. architecture
  4. wood

Last Wednesday, together with the employer and clients of 's Heeren Loo, we laid the first pile for the new central building on the Willem van de Bergh care park. A great moment and again a special project in the care sector. Read more