interior architecture

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    Stage staircase Pulse Berlin

    In front of PULSE BERLIN's atrium, a sculptural staircase has been designed that not only connects the ground floor with the first floor, but also invites to meet, to see and to be seen. Moreover, it is a staircase …

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    Renovation Water Authority Office in Almelo [2]

    The head office of Waterschap Vechtstromen in Almelo is being thoroughly renovated to make it future-proof. Meanwhile, the internal renovation is in full swing and it is time to show the progress. It is remarkable to …

  3. project

    Interior Twence

    Clearly visible from the A35 motorway, lies the large building complex of Twence - the regional waste processor of Twente - completed in 1997 after a design by Maurice Nio of BDG Architecten. After the merger with …

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    Interior Villa Serphos

    In 1910, architect H. Reijgers built a villa for Izaak Serphos, a merchant who had become rich through the rag trade, within Enschede urban expansion plan De Stadsmaten. Almost 30 years later, the house was sold and …

  5. project

    Parametrically designed Conference Pods

    Cubicles is a freestanding sculptural object with four new informal conference places, fitting in with Alientrick's image and the transparency of the building. By using parametric design software in the design process, the usual development phase by an interior builder could be skipped. This direct link between design and the manufacturing industry resulted in considerable time savings.

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    A New Construction for Rabobank

    According to the Raiffeisen principles, Rabobank Enschede-Haaksbergen was the first bank in the Netherlands in 1896. From a small credit cooperative at the Raiffeisenstraat in Lonneker (now Enschede) Raiffeisen Bank, …