1. newsitem

    Tender won for MFC De Botter in Lelystad

    Together with Aveco de Bondt, IAA Architecten has won the tender for a multifunctional centre in the De Botter district of Lelystad. The over 5,000m² large programme includes a primary school, church hall, …

  2. newsitem

    Development location Schauwhof in Putten

    The outdated assisted living complex at Schauwhof in Putten will make way for new construction. Commissioned by Woningstichting Putten in collaboration with Stichting Zorggroep NoordWest-Veluwe, IAA Architecten has …

  3. article

    Designing research

    By implementing problems or wishes straight into the design process right from the start of a project, certain elements of the design which are only set forth on a textual level by most other organisations, can …

  4. project

    Elver Kemperbergerweg

    In the coming years, care organisation Elver will invest millions in the replacement of hundreds of homes for mentally disabled residents at locations in the Achterhoek, Liemers and Arnhem. The current housing stock …

  5. project

    Residential care centre Kroondomein

    With the redevelopment of the Oranjepark in Ermelo into a multi-generational neighbourhood, Care group Noordwest-Veluwe is giving concrete shape to the 'participation society'. Based on the philosophy of Stiftung …

  6. project

    's Heeren Loo

    IAA Architecten believes that everyone should be able to live as normally as possible, including in the care sector. This is summarized with the words Like home. In the care for the disabled, clients often stay in …

  7. project

    Integrated Child Centre

    In Glanerbrug, the three primary schools OBS Glanerbrug-Zuid, KBS De Troubadour and CBS Ouverture are located next to one another. The schools wanted to expand and together with the Childcare Foundation of Enschede, …

  8. project

    Hotel in Essen

    In Essen, within walking distance of the main station and the city centre, GHotel has commissioned the construction of a three-star superior hotel consisting of 174 rooms, restaurant, conference facilities and parking space for 53 cars.