Development location Schauwhof in Putten

  1. residential construction
  2. empathy
  3. care centre

The outdated assisted living complex at Schauwhof in Putten will make way for new construction. Commissioned by Woningstichting Putten in collaboration with Stichting Zorggroep NoordWest-Veluwe, IAA Architecten has produced a design for 12 apartments and 2 x 12 intramural studios with two living rooms + ancillary rooms. The project will provide Zero-Energy homes and will be executed in a construction team with construction company Plegt-Vos.



The new construction is located in the immediate vicinity of De Schauw residential care centre and consists of two parts with a common entrance at Rosendaalseweg. The section with apartments is located at Dominee Hollandstraat and the section with studios at Rosendaalseweg. In this part, the living rooms overlook the greenery at De Schauwhof. At the request of the Mayor and Aldermen of Putten, the design of the new building fits in with the immediate living environment and therefore has two floors with a roof.

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