integral design

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    Integral design: Gesamtkunstwerken as a result

    In the VG Visie of 6 December 2019, landscape architect Elisabeth Floris and architect Marko Matic talk about their vision of an increasingly important field of assignments at IAA Architecten: care homes and care …

  2. project

    Development vision

    Commissioned by the landowner and a property developer, IAA Architecten created a development vision for an industrial site. A site waiting for a new future. Our ambition in doing so was to integrate the history and …

  3. project

    Town centre plan

    Raalte's town centre is in need of a new impulse: the spatial quality and attractiveness could be improved. The centre also has little green space, making it vulnerable to the effects of climate change. In a number …

  4. project

    Master plan 'Full Steam Ahead'!

    In October 2020, the Hof van Twente municipality bought the 14-hectare site of the former Twentse Steam Bleachery in Goor with the aim of developing the area into a place where it is pleasant to live, work and relax. …

  5. project

    MFA Paulus Potter 4

    The MFA PP4 serves as a replacement for the headquarters of the public Montessori school De Plotter and as an extension of Protestant Christian school De Wegwijzer, as well al providing for out-of-school care, a childcare centre and a neighbourhood support centre.