integral design

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    Integral design: Gesamtkunstwerken as a result

    In the VG Visie of 6 December 2019, landscape architect Elisabeth Floris and architect Marko Matic talk about their vision of an increasingly important field of assignments at IAA Architecten: care homes and care …

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    Stage staircase Pulse Berlin

    In front of PULSE BERLIN's atrium, a sculptural staircase has been designed that not only connects the ground floor with the first floor, but also invites to meet, to see and to be seen. Moreover, it is a staircase …

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    Tech company Xsens expands in Enschede

    Xsens, manufacturer and developer of motion sensors, is going to significantly expand its branch in Enschede. This month, the foundation will be laid for a three-storey building right next to the current head office …

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    Regional Transition Agenda Circular Construction

    During a busy 'Woonkeuken', the chairman of Bouwend Nederland Oost, Hans van Norel, received the first copy of the Regional Transition Agenda Circular Construction. In recent months, Theo de Bruijn, together with …

  5. project

    Westflank VUmc

    Since 2013, De Westflank building has been situated on the grounds of the academic medical centre of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Vumc). The building forms the joint accommodation for the VUmc emergency …

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    Construction New FC Twente Stadium

    In August 1956, multifunctional stadium Het Diekman was opened in the equally named sports park on the east side of Enschede . The outdoor stadium could hold 22,000 people, seating 5,500 of them. As was usual in …

  7. project

    C2C® office Rheinlanddamm

    An office building that consists of recyclable materials and reusable parts. The design is aimed at the German DGNB certificate Gold for sustainable construction.