integral design

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    Integral design: Gesamtkunstwerken as a result

    In the VG Visie of 6 December 2019, landscape architect Elisabeth Floris and architect Marko Matic talk about their vision of an increasingly important field of assignments at IAA Architecten: care homes and care …

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    Certification ISO 9001 continued

    After a positive external audit by Kiwa we are proud of the fact that IAA Architects has been re-certified according to the standard NEN-EN-ISO 9001, version 2015 (the successor to version 2008). ISO 9001 is the …

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    Tender for Cartierheide watchtower won

    The municipality of Eersel has issued a tender to realise a watchtower for tourists and residents at the Cartierheide via a Design & Build agreement. The tower should be high enough to rise above the trees and …

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    Working together in an integral design culture

    In an interview in the magazine INSTALLATION & BOUW (edition Oct. / Nov. 2019) Henk Gersen and Jeroen Nijmeijer emphasise how essential integral design is for IAA Architecten. This is because design and execution …

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    Research grant awarded

    The Creative Industries Fund has awarded IAA Architecten a grant to carry out the research project Synergetic Relationships. In this project we will investigate how a sustainable design process can quantify the added …

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    Town centre plan

    Raalte's town centre is in need of a new impulse: the spatial quality and attractiveness could be improved. The centre also has little green space, making it vulnerable to the effects of climate change. In a number …

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    Master plan 'Full Steam Ahead'!

    In October 2020, the Hof van Twente municipality bought the 14-hectare site of the former Twentse Steam Bleachery in Goor with the aim of developing the area into a place where it is pleasant to live, work and relax. …

  8. project

    MFA Paulus Potter 4

    The MFA PP4 serves as a replacement for the headquarters of the public Montessori school De Plotter and as an extension of Protestant Christian school De Wegwijzer, as well al providing for out-of-school care, a childcare centre and a neighbourhood support centre.

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    Westflank VUmc

    Since 2013, De Westflank building has been situated on the grounds of the academic medical centre of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Vumc). The building forms the joint accommodation for the VUmc emergency …