Enschede district needs renovation


  1. urban planning scheme
  2. image quality plan

Stroinkslanden-South is located to the southwest of Enschede, in the transition zone from city to countryside. The district has fallen further and further behind, both in physical and social terms. Middle incomes are moving away, public spaces have lost their shine and need replacement, the shopping centre is outdated and isolated, the abundant greenery has lost its character and appeal due to proliferation and the monotonous homes lack the much-needed individuality.

A large part of the district was designed according to the strict SAR design concept. This has resulted in a stamp division with a clear but monotonous structure, both in urban planning and architecture, as well as in housing. Furthermore, the district has many dead-end streets and the backs of houses face the road. All this results in a lifeless and socially unsafe streetscape.



For the revitalisation of Stroinkslanden-South, the Urban Planning and Landscape department of IAA Architecten has carried out a series of activities, brought together in several coherent plans:

  • structural plan
  • master plan
  • urban development plan with image quality plan

The proposed developments are based on a number of main objectives: to improve the image of the district and the public space, to increase social cohesion, to strengthen the activities in the district and to break through the monotony of the buildings. This should also lead to a more balanced population composition. The qualities in the district will be used for new forms of housing.


There will be a phased implementation of the proposals per district section. A development strategy for the greenery structure is an important starting point for the restructuring.

The urban development plan should serve as a stimulus for the revitalisation of Stroinkslanden-South and offer residents inside and outside the district a chance to realise their dream home by means of private commissioning.


Furthermore, a mass study into a zoning plan change was done, to be able to replace the former senior housing on the Hasmanlanden, Assinklanden and Hanenberglanden with new construction.

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