The greenest ice rink in the Netherlands

IJsbaan Twente

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  3. complex processes
  4. technical sustainability
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IJsbaan Twente in Enschede is the second largest indoor 400 meter artificial ice rink in the Netherlands and was opened to the public in August 2008. The ice hall is located on the strip of leisure park Go Planet, where other IAA Architects project can be found, such as the FC Twente football stadium. The ice rink is extremely durable and energy-efficient due to the use of various techniques.

buiten in de sneeuw


The dynamics, speed and technique of the sport of ice skating is expressed in the UFO-like shape of the hall, which, in the evenings, seems to float due to the light emission all around. During the day, the glass in the roof provides a lot of daylight so that the athletes feel like they are skating outside.

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