Grolsch brewery transformed into a luxury apartment complex

The Brewhouse

  1. complexity
  2. designing research
  3. the strength of visualisation
  4. role definition
  5. meticulous and reliable
  6. renovation

From 1896 to 2005, Grolsch brewed its beer at the Roomweg in Enschede. After the departure of Grolsch because of the fireworks disaster of 13 May 2000, the opportunity was offered to create a new destination that would fit within the district and the city of Enschede and at the same time contribute to the special, collective memory of the district. The Brewhouse - in the end the only Grolsch building that has been conserved at this location - actually consisted of 3 different buildings. It was not so much the architectural or historical value of these buildings, but rather the striking ensemble that was decisive for the decision to redevelop. The complex had a robust appearance but was not an untouchable monument.

exterieur top floor


The transformation the building has undergone through the new interventions has given it a completely new identity. It has become a rich ensemble of materials, textures and forms where the existing building and the new additions challenge each other. This somewhat unpredictable, diverse architecture fully reflects the original industrial character, but is in fact determined by the varied programme. This includes exclusive apartments and lofts ranging from 120 m² to 210 m² (excluding terraces), 50 m² studios (excluding outdoor space), 3,500 m² of various business premises, 700 m² of hospitality, 350 m² of shops and a spacious foyer space that connects the various functions.

Brewery after fireworks disaster and demolition

verbouwing 2

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