1. project

    The Brewhouse

    The Brewhouse - in the end the only Grolsch building that has been conserved at this location - actually consisted of 3 different buildings. It was not so much the architectural or historical value of these buildings, but rather the striking ensemble that was decisive for the redevelopment.

  2. project

    Community College ROC Het Sieraad

    Since its foundation in 1926, this building, built in the Amsterdam School-style, has been used as an educational building. Initially as a technical school and subsequently, from 1980 until 2000, as a vocational …

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    Renovation Water Authority Office in Almelo [1]

    The water authority office in Almelo was built in 1992 according to a design by then I.A.A. director Henri Meulenbelt, with I.A.A.'s Marijn van Berkel designing the interior. In 2014, the current name Waterschap …

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    Het Noordik in Almelo gets makeover

    Comprehensive school Het Noordik is being thoroughly renovated. At the Noordikslaan location, the facade will be tackled in a number of places, the gymnasiums demolished and rebuilt, and the entire building will be …

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    Renovation water authority office in Almelo [5]

    The former laboratory in the headquarters of Water Authority Vechtstromen has been converted into a multifunctional space, suitable for the 'new way of lunching'. Here one can take a break, eat a sandwich, work in a …

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    Renovation water authority office in Almelo [4]

    The renovation of the headquarters of Waterschap Vechtstromen in Almelo has entered its next phase. Now, it is the former laboratory's turn to be renovated. Matching the 'new way of working - called 'the connected …

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    Environmental permit renovation Noordik Lyceum

    In 2020, IAA Architecten, under the supervision of Dion Vastgoed Support, produced a design for the renovation of The Noordik Lyceum in Almelo, part of Christian comprehensive school Het Noordik. After selecting …

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    Interior Twence

    Clearly visible from the A35 motorway, lies the large building complex of Twence - the regional waste processor of Twente - completed in 1997 after a design by Maurice Nio of BDG Architecten. After the merger with …

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    Interior Villa Serphos

    In 1910, architect H. Reijgers built a villa for Izaak Serphos, a merchant who had become rich through the rag trade, within Enschede urban expansion plan De Stadsmaten. Almost 30 years later, the house was sold and …