Renovation Water Authority Office in Almelo [2]

  1. reutilise
  2. renovation
  3. interior architecture

The head office of Waterschap Vechtstromen in Almelo is being thoroughly renovated to make it future-proof. Meanwhile, the internal renovation is in full swing and it is time to show the progress. It is remarkable to see how the construction workers of real estate maintenance company Hemink come up with solutions to carry out their work efficiently while taking into account the Corona guidelines.

Gang met bouwvakkers
Dichtzetten van deuropening
Nieuwe wanden
Tapijt verwijderen en wanden schilderen


The renovation was originally planned to start on the top floor and then go down one floor at a time. After consultation with the Water Authority, it was decided to work simultaneously on several floors to spread the work out so that the construction workers could work safely. The spread will also save time in the overall planning. From a logistical point of view, it is a smart move to disassemble and clean materials that are being reused on a different floor than the floor where they will be reused. Another example of efficiency is the time at which the floor covering is removed: in order to prevent demolition dust on the carpet, first the carpet is removed and only then walls etc. are demolished.

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