Renovation water authority office in Almelo [4]

  1. reutilise
  2. renovation
  3. interior architecture

The renovation of the headquarters of Waterschap Vechtstromen in Almelo has entered its next phase. Now, it is the former laboratory's turn to be renovated. Matching the 'new way of working - called 'the connected way of working' at the water authority - comes the 'new way of lunching'. The lab will be transformed into a multifunctional space for taking a break, eating a sandwich, for working connectedly, but also for lectures and receptions, for Saint Nicholas celebrations, etc. A tangible first fact is the construction of the kitchen unit.



In the former laboratory, the windows were placed high, which remains the case. But where the lab assistants used to sit on high stools and could look outside, the new visitor will have a raised floor along the facade; a test set-up shows how that works out. This way, there will still be a view without having to modify the facade.

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