Het Noordik in Almelo gets makeover

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Comprehensive school Het Noordik is being thoroughly renovated. At the Noordikslaan location, the facade will be tackled in a number of places, the gymnasiums demolished and rebuilt, and the entire building will be rearranged on account of the concepts behind the New Way of Learning. Customisation in other words, because that is what modern education requires. The design is finished and the renovation can commence mid-2020.



The 1960 building by architect Mastenbroek was designed, at the time, for 1500 pupils. Now, there are only 1300 and it will probably be even fewer in the coming years. The New Way of Learning and shrinkage demanded a thorough renovation: more contemporary and future-proof.

From the air, the complex seems to be surrounded by greenery, but at the entrance, the forecourt makes a rather stoney impression. To change this, the wing at the front will be demolished, the pergola extended and the space decorated with greenery. There will be places to sit and to play. All in all this creates a pleasant space to abide in.

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