Festive foundation stone for Hoog op Zuid apartment building

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On Wednesday, Enschede's alderman Diepemaat, accompanied by Droste (Bouwgroep Droste) and Van Hamersveld (Newomij) laid the foundation stone for the Hoog op Zuid apartment building at the Zuiderval. The building consists of 64 free sector rental flats and a sunken parking garage.

perspective Zuiderval

Hoog op Zuid (High at South)

The complex stands at the end of the Zuiderval and mediates between the large scale of this important approach road and the small scale of the adjacent residential area 't Getfert. This is achieved by dividing the building into a number of different volumes that slope towards the adjacent buildings. At the corner of Wooldriksweg and Zuiderspoorstraat, the 10-storey height accent is therefore located exactly in the line of sight of the Zuiderval.

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