IAA Engineering commences!

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  2. meticulous and reliable
  3. engineering

IAA Architecten is proud to announce a new division: IAA Engineering. Our knowledge, skills and experience will now also be available to develop projects, of which IAA Architecten is not the designer, in a high quality way. IAA Engineering can take care of the entire project from the start phase to delivery and aftercare. Handling a separate project phase is also part of our service. Naturally, the aesthetic principles of a design are never overlooked. This is our added value, as IAA Engineering is closely linked to an architectural firm.


Parts of our services are:

  • modelling and technical development
  • BIM coordination
  • drawing and/or building model checks
  • cost estimates
  • technical descriptions and specifications
  • management
  • supervision / quality advice

Click here for a detailed explanation of our services with examples of projects that we as IAA Engineering have realised and its associated work activities.

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