Official opening Saxenburgh Medical Centre

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Yesterday, the Saxenburgh Medical Centre in Hardenberg was officially opened. Commissioner of the King in Overijssel Heidema had the honour of cutting the ribbon in the company of Chairman of the Board Van der Kam (left in the photo) and Mayor Offinga of the Municipality of Hardenberg (right in the photo). We as IAA Architecten are very proud of our design and that pride is shared on Twitter by Heidema "Two years after completion and start in corona time. A beautiful building, a great team! Proud of this top-notch care in the province of Overijssel" and Offinga "What a great added value and strengthening of the regional function of the municipality of Hardenberg. The example of cooperation and the power of togetherness in the province of Overijssel."

Photo: © G. Brokelman (The Tower)

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