Special Key Handover Saxenburgh Medical Centre

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The key handover of the new Saxenburgh Medical Centre hospital in Hardenberg, happened yesterday in COVID-19 style. At an appropriate distance from each other and in a small committee, Wouter van der Kam, chairman of the Saxenburgh Group, Henk Pluimers and David van der Hulst, Development Association of Vechtdal (OCV) signed the handover document.


Due to the measures taken to minimise the spread of the Corona virus, the planned relocation at the end of May 2020 has been postponed by 4 to 6 months: gatherings of more than three people are not allowed until 1 June 2020. "This makes it impossible for us to organise the relocation and training of employees, which is necessary to be able to use the new hospital responsibly. The stagnating supply of equipment also plays a role", according to a disappointed but also realistic director Wouter van der Kam.

Compact and smartly arranged hospital

The Saxenburgh Group and the OCV, a collaboration between Goossen Te Pas Bouw and Dura Vermeer Hengelo, together with IAA Architecten and Vamed, have built a compact and flexible hospital, providing the inhabitants of Hardenberg with good quality care and comfort nearby, also for the longer term. In the space of two years, a hospital has been built around patient care on approx. 15,500 m² of floor space. Safety, quality of care and comfort are central. We were able to realise this by using virtual reality during the design and realisation phase. The walking distances are short, all rooms have been arranged in the way it is most pleasant for patients and employees and the installations have been arranged in such a way that the building has an optimal climate.

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