Highest point new hospital in Hardenberg

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Yesterday the Saxenburgh Groep celebrated an important moment in the construction of the successor to the Röpke-Zweers hospital: the highest point was reached. With great interest and big fireworks, it was announced that the new hospital would be called the Saxenburgh Medical Centre.


The new hospital will be a compact medical centre with all basic facilities and consists of three floors. There is an emergency room, intensive care, acute obstetrics and also clinical paediatrics with a total of 130 beds. The aim is to complete the construction work in 2020 and a hospital and outpatient clinic will have been preserved in Hardenberg.

bronskleurige gevel

Bronze coloured aluminium cladding

The building will have a bronze-coloured aluminium facade that will look different at any time of day because of the changing light. For example, a cloudy sky gives a very different effect than a clear blue sky. This makes the hospital both recognisable and unique.

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