Relocation to new Hardenberg hospital successful

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The relocation of all patients from the Röpcke-Zweers Hospital to the new Saxenburgh Medical Centre in Hardenberg was completed last Saturday. The relocation proceeded meticulously through a corridor connected to the reception hall of the new hospital. In the early afternoon, the last patient arrived and with that, the Saxenburgh Medical Centre was officially inaugurated.

entrance hall
hallway with patio
day treatment
3-bed room


The new hospital had been finished for a few months, but the move had to be postponed due to corona. Saturday was the most complex part of the move. Some 80 vulnerable patients were safely moved to the new wards. It was the final part of a three-day move, which was prepared in detail over the past months to ensure continuity of care and patient safety. The move was extra complicated because corona measures had to be observed.

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