healing environment

  1. project

    Care hotel De Zwanenhof

    In 1927, Redemptorist retreat house St. Josef, where Catholics from Twente could go to nurture their inner life, opened its doors in Zenderen. Prompted by the changing spirit of the times, St. Josef was rechristened …

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    Naturally, we fit the buildings we create with the latest technical insights, we use materials with the least environmental impact and structure energy and water as efficiently as possible. Besides having experience …

  3. project

    Outpatient Care MST Oldenzaal

    The hospital remained in operation during the renovation and new construction. Through a comprehensive roadmap the hospital was renovated, demolished and built up again in phases.

  4. project

    The Wiedenbroek

    New construction of 18 apartments at the Wiedenbroeksingel for physically impaired youth in Haaksbergen.

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    Excursion to new hospital in Hardenberg

    Every month, IAA Architecten organises a lecture or excursion based on an annual theme. In 2019 the theme is: IAA can make it. The new Saxenburgh Medical Centre in Hardenberg is a striking example of this. After an …

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    Highest point new hospital in Hardenberg

    Yesterday the Saxenburgh Groep celebrated an important moment in the construction of the successor to the Röpke-Zweers hospital: the highest point was reached. With great interest and big fireworks, it was announced …

  7. project

    Care campus Wissehaege

    Vitalis WoonZorg Groep (Vitalis LivingCare Group) has nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and apartment complexes in different locations in Brabant and Limburg and offers services to seniors in the area of living, …

  8. project

    Limes Schlossklinik Schloss Heiligenhoven

    Limes Schlosskliniken AG is building detached pavilions with approximately 120 patient rooms per location on its own estates holding historic mansions. After restoration, the existing mansions will serve as spaces for general facilities.

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    Research Healing Environment

    Through the BNA, IAA Architecten participated in a research by TNO into 'Evidence Based Healthcare Design'. The new MST in Enschede was designed and furnished entirely according to the insights of Healing …