Glanerbrug A cheerful and stimulating learning environment
Eelde A clinic for the treatment of addiction issues
Enschede A modest educational glass establishment
Zutphen A multifunctional accommodation in the middle of the district
Doetinchem A school that blends into the district
Enschede A third life for a monumental villa
Oldenzaal All essential care in a monumental hospital
Rotterdam City landmark for 100 years
Noordwijk Coming together and meeting up
Deventer Flexible educational building with load-bearing facades
Enschede Football stadium expanded in stages
Hengelo Four conference places for AlienTrick
Amstelveen Hockey Championship results in makeover outdated sports facility
Hengelo Industrial heritage as a connecting element
Olst Kulturhus as new heart of the village
Leeuwarden Largest Emergency Care Department in North of the Netherlands
Enschede Main location Saxion University: A city in the city
Hengelo Makeover offices waste processor Twente
Hengelo New identity + location-independent work approach
Rijssen Proud of your vocational training!
Enschede Relocation after 116 years due to lack of space
Zenderen Rest and rehabilitation surrounded by nature
Heerlen ROC on a campus outside of the city
Enschede Textile Education 2.0
Den Haag The Hague's working method applied to an educational complex
Enschede Top clinical hospital: the patient as guest
Borculo Town hall uses residual heat from dairy factory
Almelo Tradition connected with modernity