Glanerbrug A cheerful and stimulating learning environment
Zutphen A multifunctional accommodation in the middle of the district
Oldenzaal All essential care in a monumental hospital
Lindlar Burn-out clinic on historic estate
Rotterdam City landmark for 100 years
Enschede Completion City campus
Almelo Former spinning mill becomes flexible business centre
Apeldoorn HBO education in one location at railway line
Hengelo Industrial heritage as a connecting element
Boekelo Living in the former Boekelo steam bleachery
Amsterdam Luxury 3-room hotel in North Amsterdam
Enschede Main location Saxion University: A city in the city
Enschede Residential development on former military airport Twente
Amsterdam Revival of former technical school
Enschede Textile Education 2.0
Borculo Town hall uses residual heat from dairy factory