urban planning and landscape

  1. project

    Residential development Regentenstraße

    On a site with a number of monumental sycamore trees, six urban villas, suitable for families and various age groups will be constructed. In addition, a gap in the street on the south side of the area will be bridged. The design offers space for six urban villas which will be part of a new, small-scale park structure with sunken parking.

  2. project

    Usseler Es

    To the southwest of Enschede lies the centuries-old Usseler Es, the largest wreath-field in Europe: a 160 ha convex field surrounded by a wreath of farms. The municipality of Enschede wants to transform the northern …

  3. project

    Erve Giegink

    Erve Giegink is located just outside of Borculo, to the northwest of the historic city centre. The plan area includes the yard and adjacent farmland, meadows and wood stands. The area lies along the historical …

  4. newsitem

    Lochem signs agreement with De Groene Fabriek

    Councillor Trix van der Linden signed an important agreement on behalf of the municipality of Lochem together with Theo de Bruijn on behalf of the consortium De Groene Fabriek (The Green Factory). After a previous …

  5. project

    The Green Factory

    The Eo Wijers Foundation is an independent network that aims to contribute to improving the spatial quality of the Netherlands on a regional level. To this end, the foundation organises competitions to promote and …