urban planning and landscape

  1. project

    Residential development Regentenstraße

    On a site with a number of monumental sycamore trees, six urban villas, suitable for families and various age groups will be constructed. In addition, a gap in the street on the south side of the area will be bridged. The design offers space for six urban villas which will be part of a new, small-scale park structure with sunken parking.

  2. newsitem

    Redevelopment Thedingsweert site completed

    In Kerk Avezaath near Tiel lies 's Heeren Loo's small residential care park Thedingsweert. People between the ages of 19 and 35 with a mild to severe mental handicap live here. The demolition of the centrally …

  3. newsitem

    Enschede's bicycle route calls at Milk Hall

    On Saturday 21 September 2019, during Bicycle Week, the Fiets Festijn (Bicycle Festival) will take place at the Old Marker Square in Enschede. On that day, there will be plenty to do, such as the bicycle route Rondje …

  4. newsitem

    The new face of IAA Architecten!

    2018 saw the 50th anniversary of IAA Architecten. We celebrated this with many of our clients and relations on 17 November in the beautiful atmosphere of the Grote Kerk and the Jacobuskerk in Enschede. In those 50 …

  5. project

    Erve Giegink

    Erve Giegink is located just outside of Borculo, to the northwest of the historic city centre. The plan area includes the yard and adjacent farmland, meadows and wood stands. The area lies along the historical …

  6. project

    Usseler Es

    To the southwest of Enschede lies the centuries-old Usseler Es, the largest wreath-field in Europe: a 160 ha convex field surrounded by a wreath of farms. The municipality of Enschede wants to transform the northern …

  7. project

    National Hockey Stadium

    Dutch Hockey association KNHB is the only association in the Netherlands that owns its own stadium: the Wagener Stadium in the Amsterdam Forest. In 2010, IAA Architects won the competition organised by KNHB to design …