Queen Máxima on Working Visit in Noordwijk

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Last month, Queen Máxima paid an unexpected visit to 's Heeren Loo's Residential Care Park Willem van den Bergh in Noordwijk. She came to learn about the impact corona has on the experience of people with intellectual disabilities and the care and guidance that staff have long provided in these difficult circumstances. An Evangelische Omroep (Evangelical Broadcasting) television crew captured how she arrived by car and first visited the new centre building 'Plein 6'. The film still above shows the arrival in the hall after which the party went up to the first floor.


'Plein 6' forms the new heart of the residential care park and the ground floor houses, among other things, the central hall with reception, the Advisium outpatient clinic ('s Heeren Loo's expert group), a restaurant, supermarket and bakery, a therapy pool, a sports hall, a number of components for small-scale day care and a 'snoozle' theatre. The upper floor houses various meeting and training facilities, the offices and the customer contact centre.

Image: Evangelische Omroep

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