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2018 saw the 50th anniversary of IAA Architecten. We celebrated this with many of our clients and relations on 17 November in the beautiful atmosphere of the Grote Kerk and the Jacobuskerk in Enschede. In those 50 years, several generations of architects have led the office and thus helped to design our living environment. We are proud and happy to announce today that the next generation will join the shareholders of IAA Architecten! We would like to introduce our new team to you.

Henk Gersen (partner architect) and Erik Workel (partner architect) remain active as partners.

Theo de Bruijn was already a shareholder of IAA Urban Planning and Landscape and is now also joining IAA Architecten. In addition, he will stay professor on sustainability at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

Paul de Brie is a business economist and register controller and joins as a partner and finance manager.

Marko Matic is an architect and joins as partner architect with a focus on care, education and special projects.

Jeroen Nijmeijer is a structural engineer / project manager and joins as an engineering partner. This new branch supervises and develops designs from IAA Architecten themselves, and now also for clients: building management, engineering, management and supervision.

Peter Roelvink is an architect and joins as partner architect. His focus is on sustainable architecture, especially on the German market.

Henk and Theo, together with Paul, form the daily management of IAA Architecten.

At the same time, Marieke Blanken, after having worked for IAA Architecten for nearly 22 years, has decided to take a sabbatical and subsequently to take on a new challenge. We are very grateful to her for the inspiration she has given us and our clients, and wish her every success in the continuation of her career.

Harry Abels has also left the company. As he already indicated during our anniversary party last year, for the last part of his career, he will go back to the basics of the profession, in his own firm. Harry has been invaluable in establishing and maintaining the name of IAA Architecten. IAA and Abels & Partners will continue to work together on various projects in this new constellation.

Creative professionals for a sustainable living environment

The world around us is becoming increasingly complex. This also applies to design assignments. IAA Architecten stands for an integrated approach with which we can fully support our customers in their ambitions, and at the same time unburden them as much as possible. We also pioneer on innovative methodologies and techniques in co-creation with others.

With the renewed partnership within IAA Architecten, we integrally have all the necessary expertise on board.

Most of the partnership names won't be new to you. We have been working with a fixed group of people for years, which ensures that we can deliver the quality that is demanded. Yet we challenge you to be surprised by us. We would be happy to visit you and share our plans for the future of IAA Architecten. Together with you.

If you would like to know more about IAA Architecten, please call for an appointment. We would be happy to visit you!

In the photograph from left to right: Peter Roelvink, Jeroen Nijmeijer, Theo de Bruijn, Erik Workel, Paul de Brie, Marko Matic and Henk Gersen.

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