rtvOost visiting Kampen during a game of "Hanzeborden"

  1. communicating
  2. planning
  3. complexity
  4. social sustainability
  5. designing research
  6. urban planning and landscape

The municipality of Kampen has the ambition to work together with its residents, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders on the future of the inner city. A dozen Kampenaren (residents, real estate owners and entrepreneurs) sat down in the Stadskazerne this morning for a game of “Hanzeborden”, a Serious game, with a nod to the well-known Dutch board game “Ganzeborden”. This morning rtvOost came to visit to make a short report.

Pilot in Kampen

Transformations of Dutch inner cities are a complex mix of different interests and stakeholders, interdependencies and fragmented ownership. Our Serious game provides insight into this complexity for all parties and gives stakeholders the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and solutions together.

The Stadtego route was developed during a pilot project in the municipality of Kampen. The challenges surrounding the transformation of the inner city of Kampen have been used as the basis for a widely applicable Stadtego route for the rest of the Netherlands, where the same problems often play a role.


Stadtego (formerly Game About Shrinkage) is one of the four selected projects for the call of the Creative Industries Fund NL to develop new interpretations and strategies for the transformation and reprogramming of inner cities through design research. IAA Architecten works together with Invocate and Het Oversticht for this project.

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