Delightful landscape: spot in finals Eo Wijers competition

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IAA Architecten reached the finals of the Eo Wijers Competition 2019-2020 with the entry 'The Marke Manifesto'. The nitrogen crisis, space for renewable energy, bottom prices for agricultural products, vacant farms; the countryside is struggling with pressing issues. The rural community is becoming impoverished. Against this background, the Eo Wijers Competition 2019-2020 focuses on surprising ideas, perceptive visions and intelligent design solutions for the countryside of tomorrow. For a landscape that produces reliable food, and at the same time can be a sustainable and healthy living environment. With space for nature, heritage and recreation.


The entry by IAA Architecten tells the story of Jan and his grandfather Koos. Together, in the year 2100, they walk across their yard and enjoy a rich and diverse landscape: waving barley ears, wooded banks, flowery field edges, footpaths, and space for energy extraction and water storage. A landscape in which farmers decide together and with other entrepreneurs and citizens which functions are given priority. To this end, they united in Marken.

Looking back from the future, the story of Jan and grandpa Koos outlines how 2020 became the turning point. Using landscape features as a starting point combined with the principles from Urban Commoning, we propose a radically different way of dealing with the (Twente) countryside.

In cooperation with the Stec Groep

Our entry was developed in close cooperation with Esther Geuting, director of innovation at the Stec Groep and expert in the field of urban commoning and area development. The result can be seen below, and is also published on the site of the Eo Wijers competition 2nd round together with the other finalists.

Announcement of winner on 9 September 2020

The winner for the Twente region will be announced on 9 September, and the national closing event of the competition will be on 23 September at the LocHal in Tilburg.

The Marke Manifesto can be downloaded here.

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