Stadtego in Raalte

  1. communicating
  2. complexity
  3. social sustainability

On Monday evening 8 July, the municipality of Raalte, together with residents and entrepreneurs, set to work on the spatial quality and attractiveness of the centre of Raalte. What do people think is important? The Serious game Stadtego provided a lot of insight. IAA Architecten will set to work with the results of that evening.


Insight into complex transformations

Transformations of Dutch inner cities are a complex mix of different interests and stakeholders, interdependencies and fragmented ownership. Our Serious game makes this complexity clear to all parties and gives stakeholders the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and solutions together.


Stadtego (formerly Game About Shrinkage) is one of the four selected projects for the call of the Creative Industries Fund NL to develop new interpretations and strategies for the transformation and reprogramming of inner cities through design research. IAA Architecten works together with Invocate and Het Oversticht for this project.

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