Stadtego succesful in Kampen

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As the first municipality in the Netherlands, Kampen has successfully commenced with the serious game of Stadtego. According to the municipality, it has resulted in "a beautiful Agenda of and for the city, which has now also been included in a city arrangement with the Province of Overijssel". The motive was Kampen's ambition to work together with residents, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders on the future of the city centre. Stadtego supports this ambition; the game allows parties to work together on future-proof inner cities. Game forms make the process more attractive and ensure broader support, more involvement and new insights.


Stadtego is intended for all parties involved in issues relating to the inner city or shopping area: from entrepreneurs and municipalities to real estate parties and residents. Whether it's about tackling vacancy, transforming a shopping area or making the city centre future-proof: Stadtego provides a fresh perspective on vision and implementation.

A Stadtego trajectory consists of a series of meetings in which all relevant stakeholders work on vision and implementation through a form of play. By turning it into a game, discussions become more accessible, attractive and fun for all those involved. Moreover, experience has shown that playing Stadtego is a source of enthusiasm, which ultimately translates into more solidarity, involvement and targeted action.

Stadtego has been developed with the support of Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie in a collaboration between IAA Architecten, Invocate and Het Oversticht.

More information about Stadtego: platform de nieuwe winkelstraat

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