social sustainability

  1. project

    Medisch Spectrum Twente

    On 2 January 2016 the new MST Enschede was completed. A large new top clinical hospital complex in the middle of the city centre of Enschede, built according to the latest socio-psychological and technical insights.

  2. newsitem

    Stadtego in Raalte

    On Monday evening 8 July, the municipality of Raalte, together with residents and entrepreneurs, set to work on the spatial quality and attractiveness of the centre of Raalte. What do people think is important? The …

  3. newsitem

    Stadtego succesful in Kampen

    As the first municipality in the Netherlands, Kampen has successfully commenced with the serious game of Stadtego. According to the municipality, it has resulted in "a beautiful Agenda of and for the city, which has …

  4. project

    Cruquius 2.2 Sigma in Eastern Port Area

    After termination of the shipping activities, the various peninsulas in the Eastern Port Area of Amsterdam changed into almost monofunctional residential areas from 1979 onwards. Finally, it was the turn of the …

  5. project

    Holstohus Olst

    Multifunctionality, flexibility and transparency play an important part in the Holstohus. With stairs, elevator, vides and a light street, the central hall connects the floors and users with one another. In the hall, amongst others, the municipality information desk, the tourist office, the public library and a lunchroom are located.