Festive kickoff of new Het Woolde building in Hengelo

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The current residents of Het Woolde will officially herald the start of the new building together with pupils of the Woolderschool. In May, the first pole will be placed into the ground, but on Friday, April 20, there will already be a festive gathering in the Garden Room at Het Woolde. Care organisation Carintreggeland will have the obsolete location from the sixties and seventies of the last century replaced by two contemporary buildings which are playful and spatial by design. Construction company Kormelink will implement the new construction in two phases.


The new Het Woolde will soon offer 84 nursing home places in two detached oval buildings. Both buildings are divided into groups of six residents who live together. Each resident has his/her own living/bedroom and a bathroom, with a shared kitchen and living room per group. The new construction of three and four levels has been designed in such a way that the layouts with living/bedroom + bathroom can easily be converted into apartments. The oval forms ensure that the buildings look different from any point of view, to the benefit of the spatial experience from within. On the ground floor of the four-level building, a conservatory-like meeting space with a coffee corner will be placed at the outside.

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