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  1. project

    't Haarhuus

    In just 50 years, 't Haarhuus in Westerhaar has grown from a nursing home on the P.M. Hackstraat into a contemporary residential care complex on the Oranjestraat. The new complex consists of two buildings with a …

  2. newsitem

    Fundraiser 2018 'Chance for a child'

    On 17 October, the annual Fundraiser Chance for a Child was held in Landhuishotel & Restaurant De Bloemenbeek in De Lutte. The highlight of the evening was the auction led by Jan Smit (chairman of the KNVB …

  3. project

    Westflank VUmc

    Since 2013, De Westflank building has been situated on the grounds of the academic medical centre of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Vumc). The building forms the joint accommodation for the VUmc emergency …

  4. article

    Social engagement

    Responding to relevant scientific findings and new artistic trends is the basic philosophy of IAA Architects. We are actively involved in socially relevant discussions and, as members of the Green Business Club …

  5. newsitem

    Expansion Tearoom Wattez in Enschede completed

    The extension of Tearoom Wattez in the former gardener's house in the G.J. van Heekpark has been successfully completed. The tearoom is a day-care location of care organisation Aveleijn, where, under guidence, …

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    Observation tower officially opened!

    The observation tower in the Weusthagpark in Hengelo near the A1 was officially opened on 22 September by Alderman Marcel Elferdink of Hengelo. The striking and over 22 meters high observation tower offers a …

  7. project

    Holstohus Olst

    Multifunctionality, flexibility and transparency play an important part in the Holstohus. With stairs, elevator, vides and a light street, the central hall connects the floors and users with one another. In the hall, amongst others, the municipality information desk, the tourist office, the public library and a lunchroom are located.

  8. project

    The Zonnestraal

    Residential care centre De Zonnestraal is a joint project of housing corporation WBO Wonen and health care institution Sint Maarten which was conducted in order to be able to cope with the ageing population in the De …