Balcony festival 2019: Sunday 23 June at IAA Architecten

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After a successful first edition in 2017, this year it is time for the second edition. The Balcony Festival is a real feast of discovery for every resident and visitor of Enschede. Rediscover your own city while walking a route along historic buildings with romantic little balconies and modern constructions with sleek balconies. This year on the 22nd of June, the route will run through the city centre and on the 23rd of June, through a number of special places in the Horstlanden Veldkamp district, such as in IAA Architecten's own garden.

22 June: serenades in the city centre

Stroll through the city centre of Enschede on Saturday evening. Professional musicians and amateurs alike will bring you a serenade. From Juliet looking for her Romeo on a balcony-for-one to a female saxophone quartet on a former department store balcony. And from the city poet of Enschede on a villa balcony to the Valerius Ensemble in a small theatre.

23 June: music from up high in the Horstlanden Veldkamp district

On Sunday morning, the balcony route runs through the Horstlanden Veldkamp district. With balcony concerts in the synagogue, in the garden of a former textile manufacturer and from an apartment (Macandra) where the sisters used to live. The two local music societies - the Leo Harmonie and the Voormalige Schutterij - give a surprising aubade: a morning serenade.

Organisation Balcony Festival

The Balcony Festival is an initiative of Diet Gerritsen of the MuziekWerkplaats and Audry Hoemakers of Culture in Twente (part of Concordia).

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