Expansion Tearoom Wattez in Enschede completed

  1. Enschede
  2. reutilise
  3. social engagement
  4. empathy
  5. sustainability

The extension of Tearoom Wattez in the former gardener's house in the G.J. van Heekpark has been successfully completed. The tearoom is a day-care location of care organisation Aveleijn, where, under guidence, clients with an intellectual disability can prepare dishes in the kitchen and serve them in the tearoom. The extension consists of two parts at the front and the back of the meeting room and a workspace + toilets beside the kitchen.

Wattez met uitbreiding


The shape and material used for the extension are in the same modern style as the former extension, which makes it possible to reuse the existing glass fronts. On the side at the Roessinghsbleekweg, a matted strip on the facade limits the view into the workspace.

IAA Architecten and CSR

IAA Architecten made the design of the expansion free of charge as an expression of its vision on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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