Testsession Game about Shrinkage succesful

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In many municipalities, inner cities are under pressure. The vacancy of retail space is increasing and persistent. To gain new perspectives on the necessary transformation, IAA Architects is developing a 'serious game' in collaboration with Het Oversticht and Invocate een 'serious game'.

Participants gain more insight into each other's motives through the game and they learn how different functions in an inner city can reinforce each other, provided they are developed in cooperation and coherence. The game then forms the prelude to concrete interventions. Recently, the first test session of the game took place in Kampen and proved motivating and easy for the participants to play. At this moment the final details of the game are being developed, and from the autumn on it will really be used.

Also interested in playing the game in your municipality? Please contact Theo de Bruijn.

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