1. project

    Widening of the A1 between Apeldoorn and Azelo

    Rijkswaterstaat (the Ministry of Public Works & Waterways) is going to broaden the A1 motorway between Apeldoorn and junction Azelo. In order to properly integrate the route, an integration vision has been drawn …

  2. project

    Medisch Spectrum Twente

    On 2 January 2016 the new MST Enschede was completed. A large new top clinical hospital complex in the middle of the city centre of Enschede, built according to the latest socio-psychological and technical insights.

  3. newsitem

    Workshop during 'Day of Boskamp'

    Boskamp - a small village with 1,400 inhabitants near Olst - is changing: two primary schools have closed down and the church will be withdrawn from worship in 2025. What can be done to keep the village liveable and …

  4. newsitem

    IAA is Listening, Care for the next generation

    In the autumn of 2013, our first 'IAA is Listening' meeting was devoted to care and housing for the elderly. By means of workshops, we investigated to what extent we can reflect on and prepare for the changing demand …

  5. project


    As part of the climate target of the Netherlands, Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Public Works & Waterways) investigates where in its territory renewable energy can be generated. The A37 motorway has been chosen as …

  6. newsitem

    First edition Archikidz Enschede big success!

    Children in large cities increasingly play more indoors and physical play and creative activity have been reduced. Sandcastles, crayons, blocks and tree houses have made way for Playstations, tablets and television. …

  7. newsitem

    Testsession Game about Shrinkage succesful

    In many municipalities, inner cities are under pressure. The vacancy of retail space is increasing and persistent. To gain new perspectives on the necessary transformation, IAA Architects is developing a 'serious …