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In the autumn of 2013, our first 'IAA is Listening' meeting was devoted to care and housing for the elderly. By means of workshops, we investigated to what extent we can reflect on and prepare for the changing demand of care for the elderly. By organising the discussion with a select and representative group of 'older youngsters', we were able to identify current ideas, objections and needs. Everyone's experience in the field of caring for the older generation - and in the future of this generation itself - was recorded and analysed. A brief presentation of this meeting is laid down in a brochure.

Results workshop starting point for free living concepts

The results of the workshop were used by our designers as a starting point for a number of free living concepts. In an open-minded way, the different results were combined and translated into seven proposals, which vary from concrete buildings to social networks. The proposals mainly serve as inspiration for future generation living.

We hope to make proper use of the considerations that come to us. We also deal more often with current topics that affect our field of expertise in the 'IAA is Listening' series. In this way, an integrated approach to design challenges grows organically, in which not only clients and users participate in the debate, but also future users and citizens who are indirectly involved.

Download the brochure here: IAA Luistert | Zorg voor de volgende generatie

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