spatial sustainability

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    Naturally, we fit the buildings we create with the latest technical insights, we use materials with the least environmental impact and structure energy and water as efficiently as possible. Besides having experience …

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    SJHT Walhofstraat

    On this small plot, 12 apartments are housed on three floors of a newly developed building. To make the building appear smaller and to connect it to its surroundings, the corners are cut at an angle. The characteristic little residential building is completely covered with slate stone.

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    Festive completion facelift shopping centre Borne

    On 7 November, Alderman Michel Kotteman and Commissioner Monique van Haaf performed the opening ceremony to complete the facelift of Borne's shopping centre. In recent years, IAA Architecten have been able to help in …

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    Enschede's bicycle route calls at Milk Hall

    On Saturday 21 September 2019, during Bicycle Week, the Fiets Festijn (Bicycle Festival) will take place at the Old Marker Square in Enschede. On that day, there will be plenty to do, such as the bicycle route Rondje …

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    A new life for village squares

    On the south side of Borne centre, five squares are located, which show little cohesion and are worn out in terms of design: The Rheineplein, The Bolkshoek, The Bleek, The Marktplein and The Koem. Together they form …

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    Coberco site

    Between the city centre and the inner ring road of Enschede, lies the district of Boddenkamp, a typical early 20th century example of mixed building of industry and housing. Now that the industry has disappeared, the …

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    Saxion Edith Stein

    To anchor the lively student atmosphere into the city, Saxion University has deliberately chosen for the presence of all educational buildings near the centre of Enschede in its policy City campus. To complete this …

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    Hotel in Essen

    In Essen, within walking distance of the main station and the city centre, GHotel has commissioned the construction of a three-star superior hotel consisting of 174 rooms, restaurant, conference facilities and parking space for 53 cars.

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    Testsession Game about Shrinkage succesful

    In many municipalities, inner cities are under pressure. The vacancy of retail space is increasing and persistent. To gain new perspectives on the necessary transformation, IAA Architects is developing a 'serious …