MST approaching architectural completion

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Since 2012, we have been working on the construction of the new top clinical hospital Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) in Enschede with many hands. Completion is in sight and the building has become a very special place. The construction consortium of Dura Vermeer, Trebbe and Goossen Te Pas Bouw are working together with IAA Architecten and our partners on this project with great passion and drive.


After 18 months of construction, the roof and facades were wind and waterproof. On the inside, we are now working hard on the finishing of, among others, nursing wards, the operating complex, the Intensive Care and outpatient clinics. With two weeks to go until the construction holidays, the first nursing ward with single rooms has largely been completed in the new MST building. Of course, the rooms are not yet furnished and equipped with medical equipment, but the atmosphere and hospitality the new building should radiate, can already be seen and felt clearly. This was also the opinion of some 250 clients of Dura Vermeer, Trebbe, Goossen Te Pas Bouw and IAA Architecten, who attended a business day there on 3 July last.


The general public still has to wait more than a year and a half before they can visit the new hospital, but administrators and employees of corporations, developers, municipal authorities, care institutions and advisors from all over the country have made use of the invitation of the construction consortium and IAA to take a look at the new MST in the heart of Enschede in large numbers. The new building is expected to be completed by the consortium in August 2015, after which the building will still have to be made ready for use by MST. The building can then be moved into at the beginning of 2016.

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