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An article in TwenteVisie describes how IAA Architecten renewed its partner team on June 21, 2019. From that date, the firm will be presenting an even broader range of disciplines in which integral working forms the basis for all projects. "Everyone now knows that we are not just an architectural firm, but above all a partner for spatial projects as a whole. Whether it concerns the outdoor space, the architecture or the interior. "


This means that even more projects can be carried out from the initial to the final phase: exploratory discussions, scenario development, design, advice, implementation, guidance and follow-up care. In addition, we go one step further by proactively helping customers ask the right questions or by suggesting important customer questions ourselves.

Creating value for the city: Coberco site

A good example of our integrated approach is the redevelopment of the Coberco site with the Melkhal as its central part: there the activity the complex once radiated will return. In order to achieve this, we first developed a multifunctional programme for the Melkhal, consisting of the elements of living, working, meeting, food and catering, while retaining its cultural-historical character.

The complex will be a transparent and lively part of the Boddenkamp district, which everyone can enter at any time of the day. Once the development of the entire site is finished, including the apartments, the western and eastern part of the Boddenkamp will form one whole. This will create value and quality for the district and its inhabitants and for the city of Enschede as a whole. This ties in perfectly with IAA Architecten. Not simply the building alone is enough for us, but the fact that it reflects our passion for the city. And we are proud of that.

You can read the article in TwenteVisie here!

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