Special transport for Gouda station square

  1. glass
  2. steel

Together with Sander Architects, IAA Architecten designed the roofing of the square in front of Gouda train station. The waffle-shaped roof will be built next to the cinema, which is also under construction. Under the canopy, which is 60 metres long and 16 metres wide, there is also space for a number of shops.

No less than 300 tonnes of steel and 770 square metres of glass have been incorporated into the design. The fifty-metre long beams were transported by special freight transport to the location during the night and will be placed at the station in Gouda this weekend. They are part of the new entrance on the Bloemendaal side of the station.

The finishing will now be done quickly, so that the entire construction will be completed in a very short time.

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