Research project futurA: the future role of the architect

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Recently, the final symposium of futurA, a research project of TU Delft, the Radboud Universiteit and the BNA Academy, in collaboration with a number of architectural firms including IAA Architects, took place in Delft. The aim of the project was to fathom changes in the architect's field of work as a result of societal shifts and the financial crisis and to uncover opportunities for the future.


For four years, research has been done into the future-proof nature of the roles architectural firms fulfil in the construction process. This has led to the development of a scientific design guide for the architectural firm of the future. In addition to theoretical insights about the firm and collaboration within a project, the guide makes a distinction between four role-entities out of which which the architect can act in the construction chain: the initiator, the specialist, the product developer and the integrator.

Book and toolkit

During the symposium, the futurA book with toolkit was officially handed over to the BNA Academy, the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, ClickNL, Bureau Architectenregister and Creative Industries Fund NL.

The guide and toolkit can be downloaded here for free.

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