Dome of Milk hall gets new roof

  1. spatial sustainability
  2. reutilise
  3. renovation

The dome of the Milk Hall was constructed in 1965 as a lightweight roof, consisting of parabolic steel trusses with purlins and covered by translucent plastic corrugated sheets. The roof of the hall (width 25.3m by length 59.7m) is now being renewed, reusing the steel structure. We have chosen for 40mm thick roofing elements of clear opal, seven-walled polycarbonate so that the new roofing does not weigh more than the original one. Once the roof has been closed and the hall has been returned its former grandeur, 23.5m long sheets will be placed on the dome to provide even light penetration during the day.


entrance Milk hall
the roof seen from below
view into the hall
bus lane

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