Regional Transition Agenda Circular Construction

  1. integral design
  2. sustainability
  3. Cradle to Cradle®

During a busy 'Woonkeuken', the chairman of Bouwend Nederland Oost, Hans van Norel, received the first copy of the Regional Transition Agenda Circular Construction. In recent months, Theo de Bruijn, together with Rutger Vrielink (Pioneering) and Jan Straatman (Regieraad Bouw Oost-Nederland) have pushed this agenda, commissioned by the province of Overijssel. In close cooperation with many parties involved in the sector: builders, installers, housing corporations, municipalities, knowledge institutes and the province itself, a series of working sessions were held to map out how the process of change within the construction industry can be shaped. Ben Noorman from IAA Architecten also participated in some of the work sessions, for example by sharing our experience with Cradle-to-Cradle.


Now that the agenda has been drawn up, further experiments with circular building will be carried out in a number of testing grounds. The agenda is available online.

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