Cradle to Cradle

  1. project

    Pulse Berlin

    In the centre of Berlin, just 700 metres from Potsdamer Platz, an eight storey high C2C office block marks the northernmost point of Stadtquartier Hallesche Straße.

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    Exhibition in architecture centre Berlin

    The German Architecture Centre DAZ in Berlin, together with the Bund Deutscher Architekten and Der Architekt magazine, made the call Houston, we have a problem last year. In order to keep Spaceship Earth on course in …

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    Regional Transition Agenda Circular Construction

    During a busy 'Woonkeuken', the chairman of Bouwend Nederland Oost, Hans van Norel, received the first copy of the Regional Transition Agenda Circular Construction. In recent months, Theo de Bruijn, together with …

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    PULSE BERLIN: highest point reached

    In Berlin Kreuzberg, at the corner of Stresemannstraße / Möckernstraße, the highest point of the PULSE BERLIN office building has been reached. In collaboration with William McDonough + Partners, this will be the …

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    Cradle to cradle as design challenge

    On 3 October 2018, Ben Noorman gave a presentation on Cradle to cradle in Het Havenkwartier in Deventer during the 2nd expert session Circular Building on the basis of the design of office building ICON in Dortmund. …

  6. project

    C2C® office Rheinlanddamm

    An office building that consists of recyclable materials and reusable parts. The design is aimed at the German DGNB certificate Gold for sustainable construction.