Cradle to cradle as design challenge

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On 3 October 2018, Ben Noorman gave a presentation on Cradle to cradle in Het Havenkwartier in Deventer during the 2nd expert session Circular Building on the basis of the design of office building ICON in Dortmund. The sessions are an initiative of the regional transition team commissioned by the Province of Overijssel to translate the national Transition agenda circular construction economy to a regional level. The regional transition team includes Theo de Bruijn (IAA Architecten / Hogeschool Saxion), Jan Straatman (Regieraad Bouw Oost Nederland) and Rutger Vrielink (Pioneering).

Theo de Bruijn interviewt Monique van Haaf
flipover met post-it's


During the well-attended session, many ideas were collected that could accelerate the transition to a circular construction economy in Overijssel. Also present was Commissioner Monique van Haaf, seen interviewed by Theo de Bruijn on the photo. On 31 October there will be a sequel during the Living event of Eastern Netherlands in Almelo.

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