Elver will replace outdated housing on a large scale

  1. quality of life
  2. landscape architecture
  3. integral design

In the coming years, Care organisation Elver will invest millions in the replacement of hundreds of homes for mentally disabled residents at locations in the Achterhoek, Liemers and Arnhem. The current housing stock is outdated and will be gradually replaced by future-proof homes that offer residents more privacy, more space and better facilities. At the same time, the (financial) feasibility of this ambition, which lies at the interface of efficient, general care concepts and individual wishes and needs of residents, must be guaranteed. For this reason, IAA Architects has been asked to be an integral partner for both the design as well as the process.


Depending on the location, IAA Architects will contribute to the concept formation, design, realisation and process management in the coming years. Thus developing and realising sustainable solutions for high-quality but also affordable care and housing. The first tasks in this collaboration are the master plan for the Nieuw Wehl location and three partial projects: 'Very Intensive Care' (process), Doetinchem (process) and Arnhem (design and process).

More info? Read the Elver Wooncourant nr. 1 here.

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