Tech company Xsens expands in Enschede

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  2. BIM
  3. integral design

Xsens, manufacturer and developer of motion sensors, is going to significantly expand its branch in Enschede. This month, the foundation will be laid for a three-storey building right next to the current head office in the Kennispark in Enschede. The integral design for the exterior, interior and landscape was done by IAA Architecten. Droste Bouwgroep will realise the approx. 1,800m² new wing with an expected completion in March 2021.


Xsens has deliberately chosen to expand production in Enschede because of the region's good facilities in terms of high-tech industry. Xsens works closely with, among others, the University of Twente, digital marketing agency TriMM in Enschede and Roessingh R&D.

World player in motion sensors

Xsens, initiated in 2000 as a spin-off of the University of Twente, is a world player in the development and production of motion sensors and supporting software. The technology is applied in machines and vehicles, but also registers movements of the human body. One of the most important customers for example, is the film industry; wireless sensors are used in Hollywood for the production of animated films.

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