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Last week, residents moved into the third residential building at Altingerhof. The move went smoothly and by the end of the afternoon, the new flats could be occupied. These had meanwhile been furnished with the familiar items by the employees of Icare, so that the residents could soon feel at home there. Only when all the buildings are finished, a proper opening party will be organised, which is expected to be around summer 2022.


Construction will be phased so that residents will only have to move once. All nursing home residents are now living in their new flats. What is yet to follow is the fourth and final residential building for the residents of residence De Mulling and the communal building that will be placed in the park-like garden.

Small-scale new construction

Whereas the old building was large and mainly had long corridors, the new building is small-scale. The residential buildings each have a communal living room with its own garden and terrace. All residents have their own flat. The new construction was built with special care to be a home for its residents, many of whom have some form of dementia or physical disabilities due to old age. Day care for people from Beilen and the surrounding area will also return to the communal building.

Sustainable and energy-neutral

The new Altingerhof is sustainably built and energy-neutral, through the use of solar panels and heat pumps, but also by working with local parties and reusing materials as much as possible. According to residents and staff who moved in last year, the indoor climate is very pleasant thanks to the use of heat and cold systems. During the hot summer days, for example, it is much cooler in the new building than in the old one.

Photo © Icare

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