Completion and relocation into the first Altingerhof buildings

  1. human environment
  2. integral design
  3. care centre

On Monday 15 June, the first two buildings of care organisation Icare's Altingerhof in Beilen were completed and from 25 June onwards, the first 40 residents have been moving into their new homes. Moving house during the Corona pandemic requires extra careful preparation. Moving is not done in one day, but in small groups, spread over the entire week. Only when all buildings are completed in a year or two, a real opening party will be organised.


Whereas the old building was large and had long corridors, the new construction is small-scale. There will be four connected buildings, each containing two flats. Residents of 10 flats share a common living room and each living room has its own garden and terrace. The new Altingerhof is being built with special attention to be a proper home for its new residents. The park-like garden on the grounds will also be redesigned. The right attention to the surroundings can have a positive effect on health and how comfortable someone feels there.

Dementia Friendly

Most Altingerhof residents suffer from some form of dementia. People with dementia react very directly to their surroundings because their thinking process is affected. The use of colour, light and furnishings are geared to this. If you have dementia, it is important to get the right stimuli. Not too much and not too little. For example, you can support the day and night rhythm with the right use of light. And by using a black toilet seat on a white bowl, or a door in a different colour than the wall, you help people recognise the correct functions of things. It is also important that people with dementia experience as much freedom as possible. Therefore, they can enter the safe garden on their own from any living room.

Good for people, the environment and the climate

Another starting point is sustainability. This is not just about installing heat pumps and solar panels. The new Altingerhof is energy-neutral and Icare goes beyond what is required by regulations and legislation. CO₂ emissions are reduced as much as possible. Not only because Altingerhof does not use gas or other fossil energy sources, but also by cooperating with as many local parties as possible and by reusing materials. For example, materials released during demolition are used as substrates for the paths on the site and in the gardens. Some furniture from the 'old' Altingerhof will also be given a place in the new building. This is based on the concept of recycling, but also because some residents are attached to them.

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